We work with the ducks for almost 50 years for the full production cycle: parent stock carrying an egg, egg incubation, rearing and sale of finished meat products.

Since June 1968, agriculture employed as speaker. By the time the breeding work carried out in the breeding duck breeding system of specialized households, and academic institutions. Most of the output ducks concentrated in the Ukrainian Soviet in turn the main volume of products produced in the Ukrainian Soviet state farm "Korobivsky", as evidenced by the scheme below:


[The production of meat ducks on an industrial basis. Our staff writers. Compiled books A.G. Klyuchkovsky.: "Kolos", 1973, page 49]

From 1976 to 2004 inclusive were factory work with ducks, which is a major part of the overall production process of breeding and poultry products. Since 2004, the economy works as a speaker of the first order. In 2005 the equipment plemyadra. In January 2006, the company renewed the status of breeding farm.

Now the main production of breeding production is concentrated in the agricultural enterprise «Poultry Breeding Farm «Korobivsky» Cherkasy region. Hence the number of completed parent stock breeders, and private farms are buying podroschenny breeding rearing ducks or ducklings tribal subsistence and hatching eggs directly own farm or hatcheries. It is known that the efficiency of flocks of ducks on the quality coming from breeding farms, the observance of technological discipline and adequate veterinary condition. Therefore, the share of agricultural enterprise «Poultry Breeding Farm «Korobivsky» has the most difficult part of the work to maintain the genetic potential of the ducks. This requires a lot of specific consumption of material resources and labor compared with similar costs in the shops breeders. Through proper selection of indicators ducklings agricultural enterprise «Poultry Breeding Farm «Korobivsky» on feed conversion under the same conditions can be 1.5 times better than conventional ducklings.

The work is aimed at sustainable economic recovery of Ukraine's domestic market with high quality breeding material. Thanks to the introduction of modern methods and techniques of selection and breeding experts ptitseplemzavoda baselines ducks are well adapted to the conditions of Ukraine.

Feature of ducks Poultry Breeding Farm «Korobivsky» is its higher reproductive quality with low costs of feed per unit of output. Cross has a good performance and maintain resistance to infectious diseases. In recent years as a breeding farm products breeding eggs, baselines cross and day-olds, is very popular among different types of farms in Ukraine and forms of ownership. Poultry Breeding Farm «Korobivsky» implements reproductive herd ducks in the economy of Russia and Ukraine (Kharkiv, Donetsk, Kherson, Vinnitsa, Chernigov and other regions). Thanks to a modernized slaughterhouse company increases production of duck meat I category.

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